Inviting engagement for the greater good.

Passion for the intersection of connection, ecology, design, and organization compels me to support others in creating and maintaining environments that are harmonious, beautiful, simple, and sustainable.

For simplicity sake, one could say that professionally I am a designer or a builder, a community organizer or sustainability consultant, a guerilla coach or perpetual possibility-seeker. Naming any one of these things, or all of them together, still fails to convey who I am fully.

Sound familiar?

How does one explain themselves? By what they do? Think about?  Immerse themselves in? Are influenced by? Have origins from?  Get jazzed about? Yes, yes, and YES! It’s a start, even though in doing so we can’t begin to capture our full essence.

In our quest for understanding, we tend to label, define, and dissect.

I invite a different approach – one that recognizes the whole is more than a sum of its parts.  Doing so invites the opportunity for a deeper and grander knowing. I invite us to integrate the various elements of who we are, and explore meaningful connections between one another.

The magic elixir is not in a single ingredient, but the combining of those ingredients to make something unique. Like you. And me. Us. We.

Let’s journey together in this process, exploring connections, intersections, and spaces in between, thereby deepening harmony within ourselves, with nature, and to our community in the process.